19 January 2016 | Phil Rogers

#Updated to include Period 9 and Period 10

What these numbers show

As part of the new franchise agreement, Southeastern were required to report their performance by line of route.

The data is shown below, colour coded to show the difference between target, and actual performance.

  • White for when the target was met or exceeded
  • Yellow for performance 0.1% to 2.9% below target
  • Orange for performance 3.0% to 5.9% below target
  • Pink for performance 6.0% to 8.9% below target
  • Red for performance more than 9% below target

As you scroll down, you’ll see the coloured cells increasing, showing how Southastern, over the last year, have slowly increased the number of targets that they do not meet.

From Period 8 onwards (so only one set of data as Period 9 hasn’t yet been published, and is late as per Southeastern’s Passenger Charter), I’ve also included a Year on Year comparison of actual performance, to see how your line has improved, or most likely, deteriorated since the same period the last year.

As more data becomes available I’ll repost this article and update the images

2014 Targets and actual performance

2014 P8-P10

2014 P11-P13

2015 Targets and actual performance

2015 P1-P3

2015 P4-P6

2015 P7-P8

2015 P9-P10

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