29 February 2016 | Phil Rogers

Today after the continuing dismissive attitude from Southeastern and the fobbing off about heating on networker trains, I filed a formal complaint. whilst my leg was roasting

I’ll post any response on the site!

Complaint to Southeastern


Heating on networker trains is an ongoing problem, especially now they were turned back on during autumn

The heat expelled from the floor units are sometimes about 45C and up to 80C in some cases which is surely uncomfortable for those sat next to them.

I have already complained via my stakeholder contact but the response was typically dismissive - citing that half of customers complain it’s too cold

Obviously the average makes it “ok”? Apart from those sat next to heating that is way too hot. As I am now.

Please treat this as a formal complaint under your CHP. I would appreciate answers to the following:

  • are you aware of this? If so what action has been taken so far?

  • how regularly do you test the temperature expelled from the networkers and what temperature ranges do you see

  • what are your plans to increase comfort for customers


Phil Rogers

On behalf of SE Railway Action Group

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