10 March 2016 | Phil Rogers

TfL may well be taking over - but you need to give feedback

I meant to write this over a month ago, but….you know some things have to go on hold when you’re in hospital.

Anyway, whilst we were all happy that TfL were going to take over Southeastern, the document that was put out there was merely a prospectus.

Outlining between the Department for Transport, and Transport for London, how things could be improved

But Southeastern have thrown in the towel?


Maybe that’s what they’d want you to think, that TfL will take over the metro lines within the TfL boundary, and a few other stations.

However…the prosepectus put out bvy the DfT raised 6 questions, and is looking for your views. So if you feel strongly about Southeastern (London & South Eastern Railway/Govia) keeping the franchise after 2018, please read on…

The deadline for this is the 18th March - a week away!

So read on for what you need to do

What are the questions?

First of all - please read the prospectus - this outlines the plans between the DfT and TfL for what they could do, and contain background to the questions being asked as part of this consultation. Far too much for me to summarise, so you should read and draw your own conclusions!

Throughout the prospectus are 6 questions in orange boxes, outlined below:

  • Question 1 (Page 12) - Do you agree with the principle of a partnership to better integrate the specification of rail passenger services across London and the South East?

  • Question 2 (Page 19) - Do you agree with the principles that the partnership will work to? Are there any specific issues that have not been captured?
    • The three principles here are:
      • More frequent services, better interchanges and increased capacity
      • Greater reliability for all passengers
      • High standard of customer services

    I’m sure you agree that those three principles are currently lacking with the current operator Southeastern

  • Question 3 (Page 22) - Do you agree with the proposed governance agreements?

  • Question 4 (Page 22) - What form do you propose the input from local authorities and LEPs could take?

  • Question 5 (Page 22) - Do you agree with the safeguards for transfer of inner surburban services to TfL, as set out here?
    • The two main points here are:
      • No detrimental effect on fares, either at stations served by TfL services or at other stations outside London
      • No adverse impacts on the frequency, journey times or stopping patterns of longer distance services to and from London. Extra capacity on peak local London services would only be added if there is no negative impact on longer distance services
  • Question 6 (Page 29) - Are there other outcomes you might expect to see achieved?

and once you’re done mail your responses to railprospectus@tfl.gov.uk

You have the option to put forward your other views on the ideas set out in the prospectus as well as answering those six questions…so include any relevant thoughts in your response!

You can also share your thoughts with SERAG by cc-ing or bcc-ing contact@serailaction.uk on your response - I’ll collect up the thoughts of all those who do, and present them (with any personal information removed) to get an opinion of what our members feel about this.

Remember the deadline is March 18th!!

So get your thinking caps on and send your thoughts in to TfL and the DfT.

Please share this post with your fellow Southeastern rail users so they can provide their feedback too!

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