13 March 2016 | Phil Rogers

Bexley - Gareth Bacon

Gareth is the ‘Conservative London Assembley candidate for Bexley and Bromley’.

According to his wikipedia page an experienced politician who has held a varirety of posts.

‘the Government have agreed to transfer the service to TfL’

I saw this leaflet on twitter today:

Gareth Bacon's GLA campaign leaflet

The candidate claims that:

‘after a hard-fought campaign from Gareth and Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith, the Government have agreed to transfer the service to TfL.’

They haven’t

As I’ve written here about the DfT/TfL consultation this is still in the consultative stage.

The document is a proposal

Nothing has yet been decided

What does Gareth think about this?

I’ve included a screenshot of the tweets just in case they disappear:

Gareth Bacon's tweets about the TfL consultation

So, the candidate is sure that the ‘Govt announced on 21/1/16 that franchise would transfer to TFL effective 2018.’


That was the day the prospectus asking for feedback on the proposals was released.

No decision was made, despite a lot of the press citing that TfL will take over. Which a lot of people, including myself at the time, took as given.

However, you would think that someone on the Greater London Authority would be able to tell the difference?

Cleary not.

Seen any other similar campaigning from any Party campaigning in the London Elections?

Please send it over (contact details at the top of each page) - Our rail service shouldn’t be used as a political football in times of elections, and then kicked into the long grass once the candidate is elected.

It most definitely shouldn’t be used to peddle claims that something has been done by a prospective candidate. When nothing has been done.

Respond to the consultation - deadline Friday 18th March

If you haven’t already, respond to the consultation - more details here this is still in the consultative stage.

The right to reply

Of course if Mr Bacon would like to reply or provide further insight into his thoughts, I’m happy to add that as an update to this article. It’s only fair…

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