01 April 2016 | Phil Rogers

An audience with David Statham, MD

At last we finally got an agreeable date to meet with the MD of Southeastern. I attended this meeting with my Dartford Rail Travellers’ hat on.

This post covers my personal views of how the meeting went…

Resetting the relationship

This was important for both myself and Mike Pellatt - founders of DRTA.

Instead Southeastern turned the tables on us and pointed out my “3 accounts” took around 10% of their Twitter team’s time.

Also that in order to reset the relationship with DRTA personal attacks should cease.

Whilst some tweets from me may have been a little close to the line, in context I stand by them (I wouldn’t write them otherwise, would I?), and they were written at a time of major fobbing off from Southeastern and outright lies about the PPM poster.

And from our point of view requesting that the relationship was reset was more about how we overcome the lies, fob offs, lack of responses to questions.

It wasn’t to spend 30 minutes being asked if, from our personal accounts, we’d cease any insults on the public facing part of a company.

Thankfully we moved on after that 30 minutes and went through the questions - walking out that point would have been as productive as the 30 minutes we spent getting told off

The performance figures

Southeastern chose to withhold them from my FOI request citing commercial reasons.

This was confirmed and the advice was to talk to my MP, thankfully that is already in action and we just need to arrange a time to chat.

So the transparency offered to me and all the other rail users at the start of the direct award was nothing but fluff.

There’s no desire to be transparent about the performance figures.

And rather telling, when I mentioned breaches to targets no comment was made that they haven’t breached…so I can only infer from that silence that they have.

And that Claire Perry may not be being very truthful when she talks about Southeastern

The future of SERAG

We will continue fighting for a better service - as part of the opening 30 minute telling off, I made it clear that I was representing DRTA in the meeting, that they don’t have to treat my personal tweets as a stakeholder, and they can choose to treat SERAG as a stakeholder, or not. Their call.

But we will not be silenced. I’ve made it clear in my own personal tweets and post on my personal blog that I won’t stand for bullies.

And I won’t.

Fan club disbanded

With regret the fan club was disbanded at 12 noon today. Feel free to start one yourself :)

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