19 April 2016 | Phil Rogers

I first wrote about the Southeastern Apprenticeship scheme on my personal blog here - last August

Today I took a look at Southeastern’s career site and found a new Apprentice job…

Come work for us…

It’s ‘Business Apprentice’. Wow that sounds like a good job, doesn’t it?>

It goes on to describe the role:

The role provides day to day business and administrative support to the Recruitment Team. The administrative requirements include a full range of office duties and customer facing services. Supervised development in business and administration duties is part of the job and time is allocated within working hours, for completion of study as agreed by the Recruitment Manager.

So, an office admin person?


For £3.57 an hour.

The detailed job description (from the detailed attachment)

  • Provide full administrative support to the Department, including:
  • Meet and greet people
  • Make and receive telephone calls
  • Manage Stationery orders and supplies
  • Facilities management
  • fault reporting and follow up
  • replenishment of tea/coffee machines
  • preparation of classroom
  • management of postal services
  • Filing
  • Diary management
  • Organise meetings
  • Send and receive emails
  • Prepare presentations and reports

Photocopy and check “right to work documentation”

Update and record information on our database, including scanning and uploading of ID and assessment profiles.

Arrange assessments and interviews when requested, ensuring all documentation is prepared and sent to candidates.

Maintain the careers inbox and phone line, ensuring that queries are responded to promptly and accurately.

Archive applications/assessment results.

Support the maintenance of the careers page on the intranet including posting of jobs when requested

Obtain online testing results and record outcomes.

Work as directed by the Recruitment Manager/Recruitment Officers.

So they want a receptionist/PA/admin person


Profit has to come from somewhere

They’re already decimating the service with a deteriorating ‘Public Performance Measure’ that affects rail users daily.

I guess being able to pay an Office Admin £3.57/hour under the Apprentice scheme is another way to boost their profits.

However, that’s a little bit rich for a company that helped one of their parent companies return a £25+m profit last year.

Southeastern should be properly recompensing those who want a job, instead of taking advantage of them.

As they take advantage of us.


Come on Southeastern, Govia, Keolis, Go-Ahead Group, and Managing Director David Statham - do better for those that interact with you.

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